Joining the Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association

The Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association has been promoting cycling in the locality for years. If you like cycling and live in Shropshire, then you should be part of this association. It is an umbrella organisation for the County Cycling Clubs. The association is in charge of arranging the major championships in Shropshire.

The association was established in 1973 and still now holds a strong position in the Shropshire community. They promote various County Championships. If you join a cycling club in Shropshire, then you become a member of the association automatically.

To be a good cyclist, you need to join a cycling club, and this allows you to become a member of the association too. You can take part in several championships and show your great cycling skills. By winning in these competitions, you will also get the opportunity to participate in bigger events outside the county.

The association will guide you on how to win these competitions and also inform you about the events before they take place. The events that will take place this year include Friction & Hydraulics Series, SB Sports Injury Series, Hill Climb Series, and more.

These events are bigger than the internal club events. Here the clubs even compete against one another. You get to meet the best cyclists in the county by joining this association. You can also get the latest news and helpful advice from the seniors.

You can get in touch with some of the best coaches and sharpen your skills. This association can help you reach your cycling goals. If you want to participate in the Olympics or other world championships, then this association will lead the way.

The association takes care of the needs of the cyclists. They arrange funds for road accidents or other mishaps. They make sure that if any cyclist faces such a problem, then he or she gets access to the fund to help with medical bills and recovery.

Shropshire association has helped to develop a lot of professional cyclists in the region. They also look after the activities of the cycling clubs and guide them when necessary. You can get more information about the association from your club. Join the Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association today and be part of the professional cyclists in the county.

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