Ways to Carry a Mobile while Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a great escape. You will enjoy the view and the challenge of riding through tough terrains. If you are participating in a race, then it’s fun as well. Many people may think that it’s not possible to carry a mobile in a mountain biking race due to the rough ride. Here are some ways to carry a mobile.

In the jersey pocket

If you wear a traditional cycling jersey, then you can carry your mobile in one of the three back pockets. So, it is advisable to wear these jerseys while riding a mountain bike. If you have the mobile in your pocket, you can easily access it. It can also be hidden away for safety reasons.

In the backpack

You will be carrying a backpack while going mountain biking. You can put the mobile phone there. In the backpack, you will have your water, keys, and some other essentials and there will be enough space to carry the phone. All you need to do is zip up the bag so that you don’t lose the phone.

Mount on the bike

If you want your phone to be right in front of your eyes, then you can install a bicycle mount. This way you can keep your phone right in the handlebars.

In the armband

Many people wear an armband. If you also do the same, then you can carry the phone on your armband. You can easily ride the bicycle keeping the mobile phone on your armband.

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About the Author: Ludlow Cycling Club